Kindness Care Services Ltd


To all at Kindness Care,

Where do I begin? To find the right words is difficult. Having your amazing care and support for (X) has allowed me to have my own time. I will never be able to thank you enough for just being there. Your chats for (X) have given her things to talk about and a want to try new things. Her spells out of hospital have got longer and her general health has improved no end.

For me, the guidance on where to go and what to do, the encouragement and understanding to our situation, helping me with confused elderly ladies in the street, doing things for me when I couldn't be there myself and supporting (X) through our recent bad news.

These are just a few of the things that by just doing your jobs you've made a huge difference.

Please continue to help families like ours.

You guys are amazing, we had to go through a lot before we found you

A huge Thank You

Mr & Mrs B - Ruislip - 12/04/2017

The whole service is excellent. Friendly, efficient staff, well focused on their client and their needs. We were confident we would get a good service, that is why we chose Kindness Care. We would recommend your service to anyone, confident the firm would live up to its name - Kind and Caring.

Mr S - Ruislip - 14/01/2017

Your approach to care is amazing. We are completely happy with everything you do. You make sure (X) and her husband are happy and safe. You don't exclude (X) husband from her care and you keep an eye on him too. You reassure them both that someone is there that they can rely on.  Nothing is ever a problem.  If there is emergency you are there without hesitation. You roll your sleeves up and get involved with all parts of (X) care which is a huge weight lifted. The support and reassurance we receive as (X) family is amazing. Just keep doing what your doing. I would recommend Kindness Care to everyone I met.  Vicky - you and your team are wonderful and you should be extremely proud of what you have created!

Mrs B - Ruislip - 11/01/2017

We are so glad we chose to have Kindness Care Services to look after our mum as none of the family live locally we needed someone that we could feel confident with at all times. They have a refreshing approach to caring and keeping mum safe. They demonstrate daily their expertise, compassion and care. We feel confident they will always respond quickly and effectively to any concerns we have or emergencies that may occur relating to mums care.  The consistency of care shown by all carers involved in mums care.  Victoria listens and understands all mums/our concerns and will work above and beyond to solve them. Victoria's knowledge of local services and ability to get things sorted. I would highly recommend Kindness Care Services and we are so glad we heard about them when we did.

Mrs B - Eastcote - 09/01/2017  

The care that has been shown to me by the staff has been most gratifying and I am truly thankful. I did not know what to expect not being in this situation before, but my concerns have been of no need as the staff have been most kind and helpful. I have been treated with the upmost courtesy at all times. I am completely satisfied with the way things are and have no wish to alter any part of something that has given me pleasure.

Mr C - Eastcote - 08/01/2017

I am happy with everything, willingness to take on all aspects of (X) care including cleaning, clothes washing and shopping. Continue to employ staff with the same attitude as now. Do not allow your high standards to fall. I appreciate all that you do. You make a significant comforting contribution to mine and my sisters life.  Thank you so much.

Mr H - Pinner - 07/01/2017